Rationale behind the journal

The burden of respiratory disease in Africa is huge. AJRM exists to encourage Africa-centric research to help improve clinical and operational understanding and outcomes in the respiratory arena.
About 20% of all deaths in children under 5 years are due to Acute Lower Respiratory Infections (ALRIs – pneumonia, bronchiolitis, and bronchitis); tuberculosis continues to be a leading cause of death and with the emergence of new drug-resistant strains threatening to be one of the real challenges of the twenty-first century.
Viral infections such as measles, respiratory syncytial virus, and the much-publicized parainfluenza viruses are also highly significant causes of morbidity and mortality in Africa, especially amongst the young.
In sub-Saharan Africa, the reliance on biomass fuels appears to be growing as a result of population growth and the unavailability of, or increases in the price of, alternatives such as kerosene and liquid petroleum gas. Despite the magnitude of this growing problem, the health impacts (such as COPD) are still not clear.  Equally, many cities are suffering from deteriorating environmental conditions by being constantly congested by ever-growing numbers of petrol and diesel cars and lorries. Empirical evidence of the harm to health is needed to help direct and inform direct government policy.
The disease burden needs to be addressed. Research in Africa needs to be encouraged, especially by Africans. AJRM can hopefully act as a platform for publication of this.


The Journal’s affiliation

AJRM is the official journal of the Pan African Thoracic Society (www.panafricanthoracic.org)


Journal frequency

AJRM is an open access online publication. Papers will be prepared for publication as rapidly as possible after being accepted for publication, and then posted online. Papers published in April to September each year will collate to appear as the September issue (Volume X Number 1), and papers appearing from October to March will collate as the March issue (Volume X No 2). All papers will have the date of posting to the web indicated against the title and author details on the website home page.


Author fees and Reproduction fees

AJRM accepts all papers without charge for either author or reproduction fees.



The journal is indexed by Scopus
It is a part of African Journals Online (AJOL) and The African Index Medicus

Guidance for authors

The Editor welcomes articles on all aspects of respiratory medicine and practice, from all health professionals, medical and non-medical. The philosophy of the journal is to be both an outlet for original research, as well as a forum for educational review articles. Above all, we want AJRM to be practical and relevant to health professionals in Africa.
Advice and assistance will, wherever possible, be provided to potential authors on the scope of their research or method of presenting papers. Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word software and submitted via the online portal (above).
Tables can be included within the body of the document, but all external illustrations or other material should be attached as additional documents. Do not embed pictures within the original Word file as it causes complications in our production process and can lead to a reduction in print quality. We only accept papers submitted in the English language.
Original papers should, if possible, be prepared to the Vancouver Convention: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements, references. Measurements should be in SI units. Tables should be clearly identified.

Review articles need not follow a set format, but authors are urged to make use of headings in text, to help the reader follow a line of reasoning and to provide visual relief for the eye.

Papers are welcome that cover anything from primary research, through systematic reviews, case studies, as well as aspects operational delivery of relevant health services

Under normal circumstances, only papers/articles of less than 3000 words will be published. This includes references and it is requested that these are kept to a reasonable number.

If possible, line drawings should be supplied to a professionally drawn standard from which the publishers can reproduce directly.

An article submitted to the African Journal of Respiratory Medicine is deemed to have been offered exclusively to the journal, unless otherwise stated. Articles must not have been, or are about to be, published elsewhere, either wholly or in substantial part. Ultimate copyright in papers published will be vested in the publisher, but this is intended simply to protect against ‘borrowing’ of papers by rogue publishers.  AJRM’s owner applies the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to works we publish. Under this license, anyone may access, copy, distribute, or reuse these articles, as long as the author and original source are properly cited.

Authors are welcome to place a copy in a suitable repository (duly referenced to AJRM).

Editors reserve the right to shorten or to make other alterations to articles at their discretion