A short review on respiratory disease: Asthma

Short Communication - (2021) Volume 0, Issue 0

A Jason C Woods*, Bryan Pearson, Alan Hanson and Medrain Lawerson
*Correspondence: A Jason C Woods, Department of respiratory medicine, University of Manchester, UK, Email:
Department of respiratory medicine, University of Manchester, UK


The Respiratory system is the main part in the body which is responsible for breathing. Mainly it includes airways, lungs, and blood vessels. Respiratory diseases include: Asthma, Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disorder, chronic bronchitis, Lung Cancer, Pneumonia.


Respiratory dieases; Asthma; lungs; Dust pollution


It is as condition in which the lungs airways become swell, and in that condition it may produce excess mucus than normal range, that make difficulty in breathing and it may cause coughing, gasping. It may occur because of dust pollution, allergies or dust mites. For some persons this asthma will occur as minor problem and for some persons it will occur as major issue, depending on the body system.1 The symptoms can be cured but not the disease. A human body generally affected with diseases of asthma due to air pollution, dust, mites, and some respiratory infections like common cold, smoke, and spores. Symptoms of asthma vary according to the age factor. Interesting fact is that, what a human being thinks is most effective for a body and that thing will be a cause of asthma.2

Drugs to cure asthma

Usually Doctor suggests Inhaler for asthma patients. In the inhaler the medicine used will be in tablet form. The medicine contains inhaled corticosteroids like fluticasone, budesonide Leukotriene modifiers montelukast zafirlukast, and zileuton. Long acting beta agonists like salmetrol, formetrol, olodaterol. In some cases patients can use both inhalers and beta agonists. Apart from the above mentioned drugs few other drugs are used for quick reflief and those are Albuterol (ProAir HFA, Proventil HFA, Ventolin HFA), Levalbuterol (Xopenex HFA), Metaproterenol, Terbutaline.3

A new drug is discovered for asthma called DUPIXENT (dupilumab). The drug helps in preventing severe asthma attacks (exacerbations) and also improves the breathing problem. But there are few cases in which Dupilumab drug should be used because Dupilumab drug cannot treat any sudden breathing/panic attacks. There were no permanent treatment or cure for asthma but now a days due to advance technology and improvement of knowledge in field of medicine, doctors state that few patients are nearly completely cured and have control over their breathing problems.4 From the recent survey information brings that it will occur to the age of 35+ and also most commonly seen in Men at age of 45+, Clinical trials and Studies find out that Benralizumab reduces the asthma when giving the high doses of Long acting beta agonists and Inhaled corticosteroids. Patients with Moderate and severe asthma omalizumab is the treatment drug to cure.5 After the usage of medications, patients can check the airway levels and airway asthma stability through Nasal swabs and nasal asthma kits. Side effects for medications: by using some medications it can cause dysphonia which means different in voice or pitch, Tachycardia or heart beat faster due to exercise, anxiety, fear, or more physical stress to body. Throat irritation when using inhaled corticosteroids. Pneumonia is the case where it will leads to respiratory problems or infections swelling in the lungs may difficulty in breathing and chest pain that leads to more risk in pneumonia.

Symptoms and complications

In adults

Asthma attack occur when a person do heavy workout, or overload their c capacity. Asthma attack is similar to panic attack but there are completely different cause asthma attack usually happens when a person stress the body (physical) more. Panic attack occurs through emotional feeling. Asthma attack can be hereditary in few cases. There are very few chances that a person inherits asthma problem through inheritance. The complication includes diabetes, high blood pressure and depression.6

In children

Asthma in children will affect the body growth which leads to mental disabilities in children. A child with asthma often tends to develop symptoms of dyslexia which is difficulty in reading, dysgraphia which is difficulty in writing, dyscalculia which is difficulty in math. Apart from the above mentioned categories, if a depressed all the time, inhale chemical, gases and exhaling large amount of CO2, factory air, working in manufacturing department, fertilizer companies can also lead to asthma attack. The prevention to asthma is avoid smoking and should stay away from smoking zones. Taking preventive measure is the parents have history of asthma attacks.


Asthma attack is the most dangerous health issue because it directly affects the respiratory system of the body. If the respiratory system of the body is not functioning properly then the body of that patient would lead to many health diseases including brain stroke. So, the patient with asthma or if the patient might lends to have lead on diagnosing with asthma due to inheritance then continuous medical attention should be taken. Patient should regular check-up for proper cure.


I thank my department for approving to participate in Asthma program held in our university. I thank the students who have helped in reviewing the program and the documentation.

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