Interstitial lung disease as the initial manifestation of Systemic Sclerosis: first case reported in Lome PDF

A novel lung health programme addressing awareness and behaviour-change aiming to prevent chronic lung diseases in rural Uganda PDF

Quantifying exposure to respiratory hazards in sub-Saharan Africa: planning your study PDF

Pulmonary tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus co-morbidity in a nigerian tertiary hospital PDF


The menace of incomplete data: a review of tuberculosis DOTS data at a tertiary hospital in southern Nigeria PDF


Current concepts in Asthma control: Is it achievable? PDF

Assessment of asthma control in pulmonary consultation in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso PDF

Indoor air pollution from cooking with biomass fuels is a major cause of chronic bronchitis among women in a rural district of Rwanda PDF


Knowledge, attitudes, and practice survey about antimicrobial resistance and prescribing among physicians in a hospital setting in Nairobi, Kenya pdf (292kb)

Risk factors for pulmonary tuberculosis treatment failure in rural settings in Benin, West Africa: a cohort study pdf (301kb)

Obstructive sleep apnoea risk and excessive daytime sleepiness among intercity commercial drivers in Benin City, Nigeria pdf (338kb)

Co-existing allergic rhinitis among asthmatics attending the Paediatric Pulmonology Clinic: implications for control pdf (328kb)

Download Full Edition pdf (328kb)

September 2016

Thematic frames underpinning asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease research in Kenya pdf (292kb)

Assessment of asthma control in primary care in Maseru, Lesotho  pdf (301kb)

Current pattern of spirometry utilisation in a sub-Saharan African country pdf (338kb)

Primary biphasic synovial sarcoma presenting as a lung mass pdf (328kb)

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March 2016

The significance of early-life prevention of COPD in sub-Saharan Africa: findings from the FRESH AIR UGANDA survey pdf (292kb)

Recent advances in the management of pre-school wheeze  pdf (301kb)

Childhood pneumonia – looking beyond mortality pdf (338kb)

An unusual case of an anterior mediastinal mass in a child with cystic lung disease pdf (328kb)

Do conferences contribute to continuing medical education — or is it time for a change in approach? pdf (229kb)

A selection of abstracts submitted for the Nairobi Congress pdf (237kb)

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March 2015

Front Cover pdf (155kb)

News pdf (172kb)

Contents pdf (501kb)

Comparison of forced expiratory volume (FEV1) and BODE index in the assessment of health-related quality of life in patients with chronic pulmonary disorder W Ketata, T Abid, W Feki, S Msaad, N Bahloul, and A Ayoub pdf (393kb)

A descriptive study of patients admitted with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in three hospitals in Cape Town, South Africa L Pienaar, M Unger, and S Hanekom pdf (489kb)

A preliminary assessment of nurses’ asthma education needs and the effect of a training programme in an urban tertiary healthcare facility O O Adeyeye, Y A Kuyinu, R T Bamisile, and C I Oghama pdf (410kb)

Allergic sensitisation to common antigens among Ethiopian asthmatic patients K Gidey, A Adem, M Guizaw, K-H Franz , and A Potthoff pdf (388kb)

Splenopulmonary fistula complicating hydatid disease Y Ouadnouni, J Ghalimi, R Sani, M Lakranbi, and M Smahi pdf (547kb)

Catamenial right haemothorax due to endometriosis: two case reports A Ahmed, I Garba, B A Denue, M B Alkali, B Bakki, and H Rawizza pdf (457kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (121kb)

AJRM Journal in full pdf (1.82mb)

September 2014

Front Cover pdf (758kb)

News pdf (146kb)

Contents pdf (402kb)

Asthma prevalance in Nigerian adolescents and adults: systemic review and meta-anaylsis B M Musa and M D Aliyu pdf (398kb)

Comparison of two predictive rules for assessing severity of community-acquired pneumonia
G C Mbata, C J Chukwuka, C C Onyedum, B J C Onwubere, and E N Aguwa pdf (396kb)

Interchanging spirometric and peak flow meter readings in obstructive airway diseases
A O Oni, G E Erhabor, and P O Oluboyo pdf (391kb)

Relationship between some risk factors of pneumonia and hypoxaemia in hospitalised Nigerian children R M Ibraheem, W B R Johnson, and A A Abdulkarim pdf (577kb)

Risk factors for parapneumonic effusions among children admitted with community-acquired pneumonia at a tertiary hospital in south-west Nigeria B P Kuti and O A Oyelami pdf (590kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (108kb)

March 2014

Front Cover pdf (653kb)

News pdf (138kb)

Contents pdf (955kb)

Respiratory diseases in the world. Realities of today – opportunities for tomorrow
The Forum of International Respiratory Societies pdf (892kb)

The Asthma Control Test and its relationship with lung function parameters
J Jumbo, B O Adeniyi, P O Ikuabe, and G E Erhabor pdf (814kb)

Knowledge, awareness, and practice of the use of peak flow meters by physicians
in the management of asthma in children
A A Raheem, R O Soremekun, and O F Adeniyi pdf (1.16mb)

Foreign body aspiration and tuberculosis: possible misdiagnosis
R C Ideh, U Egere, D B Garba, and T Corrah pdf (214kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (5834kb)

September 2013

News pdf (138kb)

Contents pdf (842kb)

Letter to the Editor (p.4)
Pulmonary TB: public awareness of a killer disease in Nigeria C ife pdf (661kb)

Is DOTS an effective strategy for TB control in a developing country?A A Otu pdf (301kb)

Frontline healthcare workers’ knowledge of TB in rural south-east Nigeria U K Nnanna, I Alobu, and O E Mbah pdf (807kb)

Under-utilisation of spirometry leading to under-diagnosis of lung disease O Eneje and S Maasdorp pdf (599kb)

Pleural effusions at the Internal Medecine Unit, Centre National Hospitalier Universitaire, Cotonou, Benin M Agossou, B J Bashi, A Azon-Kouanou, D M Zannou, G Ade, and F Houngbe pdf (327kb)

Indoor air pollution and respiratory symptoms among fishermen in the Niger delta of Nigeria V Umoh, E Peters, G Erhabor, E Ekpe, and A Ibok pdf (388kb)

Management of haemoptysis after cure of pulmonary tuberculosis G C Mbata and I D Ewelike pdf (214kb)

March 2013

Front Cover pdf (391kb)

News pdf (134kb)

Contents pdf (737kb)

Childhood pneumonia in developing countries W B R Johnson and A A Abdulkarim pdf (737kb)

Adult lung cancer in southern Africa: epidemiology and aetiology J Sheridan and A M Collins pdf (737kb)

Survey of airflow obstruction in two African countries: paper questionnaire versus mobile phone technology A R Isara, N C Onyeagwara, H Lawin, I Irabor, C Igwenyi, and L Kabamba pdf (737kb)

Prevalence of respiratory symptoms in Nigerian firefighters M B Alkai, E O Bandele, and A Ballah pdf (737kb)

Chronic respiratory diseases in a tertiary healthcare facility in Uganda B J Kirenga, L Nakiyingi, W Worodria, and M Okot-Nwang pdf (737kb)

Pulmonary tuberculosis presenting as spontaneous pneumothorax U Ikonkw, V Ansa, I umoh, and A Adimekwe pdf (737kb)

Idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis: diagnosis by gastric lavage V Khonglah, V Raphael, A Bhuyan, P Gogoi, and R D pdf (737kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (737kb)

September 2012

Front Cover pdf (391kb)

News and Notes pdf (134kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (737kb)

Physiological mechanisms underlying the use of Garcinia kola Heckel in the treatment of asthma M I Ebomoyi and A K Okojie pdf (292kb)

Health-related quality of life among patients with bronchial asthma B O Adeniyi, G E Erhabor, F O Awopeju, D O Obaseki, O O Adewole, and P Burney pdf (301kb)

Non-infectious lung manifestations of autoimmune diseases in Cameroon A M Nana, C Ngnie, A Wandji, P Halle, and M Solange pdf (338kb)

Five-year audit of spirometry at the LASUTH, Ikeja, south-west Nigeria O O Adeyeye, R T Bamisile, A T Brodie-Mends, A O Adekoya, F F Bolarinwa, B O Onadeko, and D Aromokeye pdf (328kb)

Tuberculosis of the spine (Pott's disease) presenting as hemiparesis G C Mbata, E Ofondu, B Ajuonuma, V C Asodike, and D Chukwumam pdf (229kb)

A spontaneous massive pleural effusion K Ongeti and J Ogeng'o pdf (246kb)

March 2012

Front Cover pdf (469kb)

News and Notes pdf (103kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (246kb)

A synopsis of asthma research in Nigeria between 1970 and 2010 O B Ozoh and E O Bandele pdf (246kb)

Obstructive sleep apnoea hypopnoea syndrome (OSAHS) G C Mbata and J C Chukwuka pdf (246kb)

Systematic chest radiography during pre-employment check-up N Kouamé, A M Ngoan-Domoua, and A N Konan pdf (246kb)

The Pan African Thoracic Society Methods in Epidemiological, Clinical and Operational Research (PATS MECOR) pdf (246kb)

Assessment of lung function parameters in Nigerian males with diabetes B A Kolawole, G E Erhabor, and R T Ikem pdf (246kb)

Guidance for Authors pdf (246kb)

September 2011

Front Cover pdf (469kb)

News and Notes pdf (103kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (246kb)

Asthma, atopy, and COPD in sub-Saharan countries: the challenges pdf (181kb)

Exercise-induced asthma in adult Nigerian asthma patients: a comparison of step test, free running, and bicycle ergometer pdf (298kb)

Assessment of clinical features and haematocrit levels in detection of
hypoxaemia in sick children pdf (233kb)

Knowledge and views of paediatricians about pulse oximetry: a nationwide online survey in Nigeria pdf (272kb)

Assessment of inhalation technique among asthmatic children and their carers at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya pdf (254kb)

Guidance for authors pdf (62kb)

March 2011

Front cover pdf (515kb)

News and Notes pdf (102kb)

Contents/Editorial pdf (262kb)

The peak flow meter and its use in clinical practice pdf (102mb)

News and Notes: global roll out of pneumococcal vaccine pdf (439kb)

Exercise and asthma: a review pdf (386kb)

Ofloxacin resistance among Mycobacterium Tuberculosis isolates pdf (255kb)

Isolated left pulmonary artery sling in a 7-month-old female presenting with wheezes after the age of 3 months pdf (551kb)

Guidance for authors pdf (42kb)

September 2010

Front cover pdf (515kb)

Contents pdf (238kb)

Occupational asthma: review of current concept pdf (935kb)

TB registers in Africa: a review pdf (270kb)

Practice of asthma management pdf (443kb)

Home management of acute respiratory infections pdf (500kb)

Instructions to authors pdf (42kb)

March 2010

African Journal of Respiratory Medicine author instructions pdf (42kb)

African Journal of Respiratory Medicine news pdf (119kb)

Review diagnosis, aetiology, and severity in adult community-acquired pneumonia pdf (254kb)

Toluene diisocyanate-linked ocupational airflow obstruction and peak expiratory flow rate patterns among foam makers pdf (244kb)

Ventiliatory function in Nigerians with type 2 diabetes pdf (284kb)

September 2009

African Journal of Respiratory Medicine author instructions pdf (84kb)

Are weak health systems a brewing ground for multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis? pdf (168kb)

Cigarette smoking habits among adolescents in northeast Nigeria pdf (255kb)

Human respiratory tract microbial pathogens associated with asphalt production pdf (209kb)

The impact of HIV syndromes on the treatment of TB cases in Gombe State, Nigeria pdf (325kb)

The management of community-acquired pneumonia in children pdf (369kb)

March 2009

Acute severe asthma pdf (265kb)

African Journal of Respiratory Medicine guidance for authors pdf (43kb)

African Journal of Respiratory Medicine News pdf (71kb)

Diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy using the biologicL parameter adenosine deaminase pdf (204kb)

Occurrence of respiratory and skin problems among manual stone-quarrying workers pdf (215kb)

Reducing childhood mortality from acute respiratory infections in Malawi pdf (202kb)

The burden of respiratory disease in Nigeria pdf (3.68mb)

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