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March 2017

Front Cover pdf (214kb)

Contents pdf (621kb)

Knowledge, attitudes, and practice survey about antimicrobial resistance and prescribing among physicians in a hospital setting in Nairobi, Kenya. E K Genga, L Achieng, F Njiri, and M S Ezzi pdf (764kb)

Risk factors for pulmonary tuberculosis treatment failure in rural settings in Benin, West Africa: a cohort study. AC Dovonou, AA Kpangon, SA Amidou, S Dansou, CA Attinssounon, R Keke, MJ Hounnouga, HB Lawin, G Agodokpessi, CL Yehouenou, DM Zannou, and YS Anagonou pdf (549kb)

Obstructive sleep apnoea risk and excessive daytime sleepiness among intercity commercial drivers in Benin City, Nigeria. A R Isara and A Q Aigbokhaode pdf (131kb)

Co-existingallergic rhinitis among asthmatics attending the Paediatric Pulmonary Clinic: implications for control. A A Gobir, S S Mohammed, and W B R Johnson pdf (653kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (59kb)

AJRM Journal in full pdf (1.50mb)

Africa Health

September 2016

Front Cover pdf (166kb)

Contents pdf (648kb)

Thematic frames underpinning asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease research in Kenya E M Nturibi, J Kunda, and E W Kamau pdf (764kb)

Assessment of asthma control in primary care in Maseru, Lesotho T W Mothae, G Mosweu, K H Thinyane, and T V Mohlabula pdf (549kb)

Current pattern of spirometry utilisation in a sub-Saharan African country N I Nwosu, C J Chukwuka, C C Onyedum, H C Odilinye, P I Nlewedim, and A C Ayuk pdf (131kb)

Primary biphasic synovial sarcoma presenting as a lung mass A T Tamire, P Kidane, and B Nega pdf (653kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (59kb)

AJRM Journal in full pdf (1.50mb)