March 2013

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Childhood pneumonia in developing countries W B R Johnson and A A Abdulkarim pdf (737kb)

Adult lung cancer in southern Africa: epidemiology and aetiology J Sheridan and A M Collins pdf (737kb)

Survey of airflow obstruction in two African countries: paper questionnaire versus mobile phone technology A R Isara, N C Onyeagwara, H Lawin, I Irabor, C Igwenyi, and L Kabambapdf (737kb)

Prevalence of respiratory symptoms in Nigerian firefighters M B Alkai, E O Bandele, and A Ballah pdf (737kb)

Chronic respiratory diseases in a tertiary healthcare facility in Uganda B J Kirenga, L Nakiyingi, W Worodria, and M Okot-Nwang pdf (737kb)

Pulmonary tuberculosis presenting as spontaneous pneumothorax U Ikonkw, V Ansa, I umoh, and A Adimekwe pdf (737kb)

Idiopathic pulmonary haemosiderosis: diagnosis by gastric lavage V Khonglah, V Raphael, A Bhuyan, P Gogoi, and R D pdf (737kb)

Guidance to authors pdf (737kb)

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Contents/Editorial pdf (737kb)

BOLD in Africa: What has it taught us? pdf (292kb)

The determinants of sleep quality and its impact on exercise capacity of patients with COPD pdf (301kb)

ANCA-negative EGPA: Churg Strauss syndrome in a young Nigerian woman pdf (338kb)

Abstracts of papers for the African Respiratory Congress in Durban pdf (328kb)

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