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Contents/Editorial pdf (737kb)

Physiological mechanisms underlying the use of Garcinia kola Heckel in the treatment of asthma M I Ebomoyi and A K Okojiepdf (292kb)

Health-related quality of life among patients with bronchial asthma B O Adeniyi, G E Erhabor, F O Awopeju, D O Obaseki, O O Adewole, and P Burney pdf (301kb)

Non-infectious lung manifestations of autoimmune diseases in Cameroon A M Nana, C Ngnie, A Wandji, P Halle, and M Solange pdf (338kb)

Five-year audit of spirometry at the LASUTH, Ikeja, south-west Nigeria O O Adeyeye, R T Bamisile, A T Brodie-Mends, A O Adekoya, F F Bolarinwa, B O Onadeko, and D Aromokeye pdf (328kb)

Tuberculosis of the spine (Pott’s disease) presenting as hemiparesis G C Mbata, E Ofondu, B Ajuonuma, V C Asodike, and D Chukwumam pdf (229kb)

A spontaneous massive pleural effusion K Ongeti and J Ogeng’o pdf (246kb)

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